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commercial diving

Scope – Wherever there is liquid, water or fluid in conditions of good or zero visibility, qualified commercial or industrial drivers may be needed, and they can be hired to perform a wide-ranging series of tasks, such as: Diving around fixed sea platforms, self-elevating platforms, semisubmersible platforms, bridge diving; pier diving; sheet pile diving, piles diving, pier dolphin diving, dam diving, sewage and contaminated water diving; diving in hydroelectric stations; diving in nucleoelectric stations – Diving in Laguna Verde suppression pool -; diving in potable water facilities; diving in tanks or cisterns; large and small ship diving; ship salvage diving; search and recovery diving for lost items or drowned people; underwater cutting, underwater welding; diving to conduct non-destructive testing, diving to carry out thickness gauging, diving to apply magnetic particles; acfm diving; underwater repairs, underwater ship repairs, permanent repairs, temporary repairs; underwater surveys for Classification Societies such as American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, Registro Italiano Navale, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, among others; underwater photography, underwater video; mine diving; commercial or industrial diving courses; buoy diving; lake diving, etc. We also provide advice free of cost and sell commercial diving equipment.
About us – We are a group of commercial divers that have been formally trained in commercial diving schools in Mexico, both in the government sector (Mexican Army – Underwater Command, ITMAR (Technological Institute of the Sea) No. 1- and in former CETAS (Center for Technological Studies on Underwater Activities) and in the private sector (External training centers authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Promotion). Furthermore, we gained our hands-on diving experience in the Sonda de Campeche and Gulf of Mexico oilfields and, also, by diving for Classification Societies.

Goals –
Integrating commercial diving services with the supply of surface air that meet the requirements of clients with unique or ordinary needs, developed in line with the parameters of and in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health stipulations issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Promotion through its Official Mexican Standard STPS NOM-014, thus fulfilling the quality standards and specific requirements of each client.

Commercial Diving in MEXICO

For some people, commercial or industrial diving is a rather unknown activity or it is thought of as a recreational activity, but for those of us involved day in and day out in this endeavor, it is a profession and our modus vivendi. Daily life on a vessel, barge or diving platform (off shore diving operations), or at wharves, dams (in-shore diving operations) does not only mean working underwater with specialized equipment and training, but it is a professional work that entails both one of the highest risks and the rewarding satisfaction of a unique job.

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